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by LA Littlebear Band

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released April 28, 2016

all songs words and music written by Leo Auciello



all rights reserved


LA Littlebear Band Sydney, Australia

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Track Name: In the long ago
Have I fallen once too much, hit my head upon the hard side of the finger pointed shame?
Is it there I learnt enough of the things I cannot touch or the things of which I am afraid?
Theres a boy with so much heart never trusted him that much, he could not let go nor grasp love
In the web that is his mind theres nothing can be defined and the balance is made daily.
When the rabbit runs hes fine leaps the hounds one at a time over land and over mind to his hiding place, in this place he waits for you in his head he has the view, miracles he says are worth the contemplation.
What is it your on about?
Is your rhetoric all worked out-to exact your retribution?
Is the message in your head-of the picture to be spread onto canvas that is laying at your feet?
Are you sure you are not dead? or just living in its stead-and the images are just repeating?
Can there be the long ago? and if so where did it go? where are the days we shared together?
Miracles he says are work.
Track Name: Pretty girl
For such a pretty girl you make me so damn crazy
for such a pretty girl your smile should be a warming treat
for such a pretty girl there just seems no melody
for such a pretty girl you make me so damn mad yeah
For such a pretty girl your prettiness is just skin deep
for such a pretty girl you crush the love inside of me
for such a pretty girl you just cannot be this mean
for such a pretty girl you get me so damn angry
Your crazy mean.
For such a pretty girl you have a kiss so bitter sweet
for such a pretty girl your emptiness a cold retreat
for such a pretty girl you are such a generous thief
for such a pretty girl you suck out life and leave bad dreams.
Track Name: Daydream
Sometimes I tend to roam, I may not be there but you will see me just the same
And i wont hear you even though you call my name
Through my eyes I see nothing but Im seeing just the same
A thought that presents in my head has shut the world around.
I sit so still with my glare fixed to the wall
looking as though Im lifeless but Im not dead at all
In my mind adventures unfold
Stories are written when the daydream is retold
A thought that presents in my head has shut the world around.
Im in a daydream.
Track Name: The longest road
So did you take the longest road?
In time did you save yourself?
with gold did you find its worth?
This all lead to tomorrow
So are we on discourse?
In someone elses thoughts?
And though at times there seems no point
Hope may save us from sorrow.
I was just looking for some peace of mind and thats what you brought with you
You bring calm into my life, something that was way overdue.
I keep you with me in sleep at night, I want to be close to you
you switched something back on inside, you gave me back, you brought me back, you helped me find my smile.
I wont forget that I love you, keep you with me the whole day through
your spirit burns like a fire
wraps me in warmth and takes me high.
Track Name: Lullabye
Take my hand come fly with me
Ill take you up so you can see the beauty that lays beneath you and me.
Forget all fears this is not real, tis in your sleep it is revealed, its but a dream yet seems surreal,
we're flying higher we're flying.
Are we here above the world- in the strangers universe?
Free to fall towards the sky, we're flying, higher we're flying
Track Name: All fall down
I give myself to you
I feel the friendship too
Ill stand by your side
Love is in your eyes, affection in your smile
I have a point of view
your opinions valid too
I hear the things you say and I will not ignore the things your fighting for
We all fall down faces to the clouds
We all fall down and shouting out like clowns
We all fall down
We play the games we play
and sometimes feel like fools
I tell you Im not sure, you say that its alright, the secrets we confide
And I hold onto you
and I hold you too
the years will roll on by
I love you with my life
Friends until we die
Track Name: Deeper than you
I am fighting feelings, twisting, turning and changing
who I have been all this time
and I will not be denied
and whom can heal my sight?
for so long I have been blind.
I cannot speak it, say it, know it, it has come and stolen the sunrise
I heard its truly beautiful
And does the end seem nigh? waiting for a miracle to cure my ailing mind
tell yourself the sunshine grows from fondness of your love
I am harming. failing. losing, falling, clutching, to myself and life and theres no plan, no wrong, no right, just the voice inside
so deep inside, it just will not be denied.
Track Name: Bill of fare
Great men of ancient times, read the stars and like to shine, first we are and last we find, out of sight and out of mind
We board the boat of wings to fly the black sea of the sky
Weigh the hand that marks out time and tell me man whats on your mind
Tis nothing heavy that I ask, past the reeds raise the mast, navigate to the sun and row the beat on your drum, for the great procession has begun.
You wanted a revolution, you had a place to hide, you ran the institution, you even understood the otherside.
You are the hand of illusion, you sold the sun to the sky, you give us mystical fusion, does it really matter that most are still confused?
We sail the deserts as the sea beneath where rivers flow unseen, to the city hidden from the sun, where the secrets of creation lie
The galleon awaits at the cities heart and by the hour we must depart so row the beat on your drum for the great procession has begun.
Here comes the instigator he is the promulgator, will come to save you later but for now his life he must savor.
There goes the masturbator one hand holds his flavour, he is a navigator cold rains and sunny later.
Appear the agitator risk taking co-operator, pro-active dominator, his mind an incubator
The pipers songs are melodies he plays the tunes your harmony, the operas theme is an intrigue the bill of fare for you to eat.
Have you an inspiration? there for your gestation
there is no obligation or guarantee for sensation
Its said that men are socrates do you believe you are that deep?
Come meditate with weed and tea
The bill of fare compose the scene.
Please come and save me later.
Track Name: Zoot suit monkey
You better run like hell when you see him coming dont you know hes there for your life.
Hes the devil incarnate a thief for your fire, lies to you as he smiles
Girls do not be tempted and do not be fooled dont let him push you over push back
Send him packing watch his arse dragging as his bullshits under attack
You aint so stupid as he sees you, all you need is just to know it blow it 8 to the bar
You are feline be pampered and proud, dont let the mangy dog come shit in your yard
Dont take what your given if it aint what you want, send the monkey packing all the way to his mum
Zoot suit scootily doo